We build a winning team

As one of the successful units in Latour Industries, we have demonstrated that we are willing and able to take advantage of the future. It is only our mindset that limits us. What we can’t afford is to be too comfortable or – most dangerous of all – afraid. Life is a long cavalcade of change and our industry is no exception. As a company and as employees of LSAB Group, we have freedom with responsibility

Our companies have the freedom to be themselves. We appreciate and encourage people with strong wills and new ideas. We aim forward and prioritize initiatives, action and results. Sometimes this means that we must make uncomfortable decisions to reach our goals. LSAB Group is determined to have the best people in the industry. With us you will discover that you really get the chance to surprise both yourself and others with your growth and your development. And you will feel that it is possible because you have our entire organization behind you. What we demand in return is that you are active, committed and take personal responsibility for achieving results.

The starting point is the common vision and the fundamental values shared by all members of LSAB Group. Our values and our way of being are the tools that help us deliver. The employees of LSAB Group know that it was no better before. Instead, we are innovative and see new solutions, we have the courage to implement them and we are honest with each other in both success and adversity. This applies internally and in relation to our customers and suppliers. We’ll give you the target and the compass, the way from there is your own.