Can we make money from sustainability?

Of course we can. Many of the world’s leading innovative companies have made sustainability
central to the strategy. Because it pays off in the long term and because it contributes to a better world.

Working with sustainability is resource management. If we go back one hundred years, it was self-evident that you worked with the resources that you had – you could not afford anything else. The principle is still the same. Housekeeping does not have to be complicated or expensive. It is about ordinary common sense that works better financially both for us and for our customers – while doing the environment a favor.

Be innovative!The international logistics company UPS is a great example. They have redrawn their routes in Manhattan, so their cars just have to turn right. By avoiding left turns, they do not have to wait and idle at all the red lights in the city. In this way, they save time, deliver more packages, minimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions. It is Win/Win all the way.

At LSAB Group we do the same. We develop innovative and sustainable solutions in our own operations and in the customer’s production. We have unique opportunities to influence the process from start to finish: from the moment log is fed into the sawmill and the steel is delivered from the steel plant, through to recycling. Our customers work in industries that are strategically important from a sustainability point of view. Wood and cellulose are crucial for the sustainable supply of materials in the future, and the engineering process revolution will have a major impact on material and energy use.

We look after people and resources
By taking care of each other, we create healthy workplaces where we all feel good and are productive. But it is also about how we act in our own everyday lives. How we travel, which hotels we choose and how we make best use of our own resources and those of our customers and the earth.

Within LSAB Group, we work strategically with sustainability – economically, socially and environmentally. Our efforts are documented in our various policies that provide clear information about what we expect from each other